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Maggie MacAlpine

Nordic Innovation Labs / DEF CON Voting Village
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Maggie MacAlpine is an election security specialist and one of the co-founders of the DEF CON Voting Machine Hacking Village. Over the course of ten years spent in the election security field, MacAlpine has been a contributing researcher on the “Security Analysis of the Estonian Internet Voting System” in partnership with the University of Michigan and a co-author of the DEF CON Voting Village Machine Hacking Village annual report for the past three years. MacAlpine has served as an advisor for the office of the Secretary of State of California for the Risk Limiting Audit Pilot Program 2011-2012, and is widely regarded as an expert on the use of high-speed scanners for conducting post-election audits. As a pro-bono consultant and most recently with her firm, Nordic Innovation Labs, she has advised on election security and auditing practices in numerous US states including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida, California, Colorado, and Kentucky. She has been a speaker on election security at conferences including DEF CON, ShmooCon Hacker Conference, PacSec Tokyo and in presentations to Capitol Hill.

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